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Zenbu Overview
Save thousands in SaaS costs by intelligently managing subscriptions, accounts and accountability.
Discover & Consolidate
The Gateway to SaaS Mastery
  • Identify, unify, and assess subscriptions effortlessly
  • Instant visibility to all SaaS expenses via financial software scans
  • Detect financial waste and seize opportunities
  • Spotlight idle accounts and unused products
  • Gain a crystal-clear perspective on financial inefficiencies
  • Embrace the pinnacle of SaaS mastery with Zenbu.
Discover & Consolidate
Assign & monitor
Elevate Accountability in SaaS Management
  • Ensure indispensable accountability in the SaaS realm
  • Entrust and empower team members to oversee and maximise SaaS value
  • Foster a culture of ownership and expertise
  • Refine operational efficiency through a targeted approach
  • Cultivate proactive software management
  • Guarantee optimal utilisation and alignment of every SaaS investment.
Assign & monitor
Audit & Optimize
Master Your SaaS Expenditure
  • Audit and optimize in the vast SaaS ecosystem
  • Conduct comprehensive audits of SaaS portfolios
  • Insightful analytics to pinpoint wastage or underutilization
  • Maximize every dollar spent for top-tier productivity
  • Refine your software stack efficiently
  • Navigate SaaS expenditure with strategic mastery and continuous improvement.
Audit & Optimize
Maintain & Grow
Revolutionize Your SaaS Management
  • Navigate the SaaS landscape with ease and precision.
  • Transform juggling subscriptions into a structured process.
  • Manage and maintain SaaS tools at peak efficiency.
  • Proactively handle updates, renewals, and compliance.
  • Ensure every tool is up-to-date and business-aligned.
  • Choose clarity, efficiency, and proactive excellence with Zenbu.
Maintain & Grow
Onboard & Offboard
Master Team Transitions
  • Streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Ensure new hires access the right SaaS tools immediately
  • Boost immediate productivity for new team members
  • Reclaim licenses and secure data during offboarding
  • Nullify potential vulnerabilities when employees depart
  • Guarantee smooth transitions and top-notch security at all times.
Onboard & Offboard
Procure & Purchase
Elevate Your SaaS Procurement
  • Navigate the complexities of SaaS purchasing
  • Identify the perfect SaaS solutions for you
  • Negotiate the best terms effortlessly
  • Streamlined purchasing for optimal license alignment
  • Avoid overspending and underprovisioning
  • Ensure value and operational harmony with every decision
Procure & Purchase
Renew and negotiate
Mastering SaaS Contract Management
  • Transform contract renewals into a choreographed performance
  • Receive timely reminders to prevent lapses or auto-renewal fees
  • Gain insights from usage metrics and expenditure data
  • Secure favourable terms and maximise contract value
  • Navigate negotiations with precision and confidence
  • With Zenbu, achieve harmony and strategic advantage in every contract move.
Renew and negotiate
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