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Stop wasting time & money on SaaS

For the first time ever securely gain visibility and control of your software spending
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"It was incredibly straightforward to establish a secure connection with my business‘s accounting software..."
You're in good company....
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Intelligently manage your SaaS subscriptions, accounts, vendors and ownership.
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Management & Visibility
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Audit and Reporting
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Product Insights
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Onboarding and off-boarding
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Smart linking to vendors
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Actionable Intelligence
Who is Zenbu for?
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According to Gartner, over 25% of SaaS expenditure is wasted, accounting for thousands in potential savings...
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With Zenbu, you’ll steer through the stormy seas of SaaS with the grace of a software-savvy swan.
Connect directly to your accounting software...
Overflowing with SaaS? Don't sweat it. We connect to all the major accounting platforms like Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, and Zoho.

Zenbu's like the universal remote for your software chaos...
Accounting Software Group
Integrate with the major players
Connect directly to individual vendors gaining never seen before insights and control
We have started taking the world by storm
We have ignition and are starting to be recognised as one of the fastest growing Australian startups.
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Zenbu isn't just SaaS management. It's the revolution your business needs.
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Be the first to experience Zenbu and be part of an exciting chapter in our development phase...
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